DVDO - HDMI switcher and wireless transmitters

Always The Best Picture, In Any Situation

System Integrators face huge challenges when designing video systems for commercial and residential projects. While 4K/UHD resolutions have become the standard for display technologies, the quality of every-day video sources is still a very different story. Be it TV, HDTV, highres powerpoint presentations or pixelated Skype conferences – it’s the integrator’s job to make sure that the client will always get the best picture quality from whatever video source used.

As one of the pioneers of video processing technologies, DVDO has always had a vast amount of knowledge and experience in the area. And since becoming a part of Silicon Image in 2011 they also have direct access to the latest in chip hardware.

In addition to their 4K/UHD compatible video processors of the iScan range (DUO, Mini and Micro), DVDO also offers a mobile 4k/UHD test pattern generator that many integrators value as an indispensable tool when installing and testing video components in the field. And with the unique Air3 system, DVDO has developed a wireless HDMI solution that provides levels of quality and reliability usually only achieved with cabled connections

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