VIVATEQ Technology Forum 2017


VIVATEQ Technology Forum 2017

How do you keep up with all new technologies that are being delivered to our market faster and faster?

Tradeshow visits, newsletters, internet research, conversations with co-workers and business partners?

The VIVATEQ Technology Forum 2017 gives you the opportunity to learn about new technologies and applications in just one day, talk with experts, and get ideas and inspirations for your daily business

New Product line HDL Building Automation
Internet of Things for Smart Home
Use IP Networks for AV applications
Combine KNX and AV
… and much more



New technologies for Smart Home & Smart Business Control
Flexible Building Automation based on KNX or proprietary system
Internet of Things at home or in the office
iRoom – how to leverage the iPad for residential and commercial applications
Multiroom Audio over LAN or KNX with 3rd party control
Audiophile sound for indoor and outdoor multi-zone applications
Pimp your LAN for 4K video


Live Applications

Multiroom Audio via LAN / WiFi
KNX Multiroom Audio
The iPad in residential or commercial applications
Audio, Video and Control via LAN
Wireless Roaming
Speaker demos
and many more new products


Dates and Locations

Time: 9:00 – 16:00 h

25.04.2017: (F) Paris
16.04.2017: (F) Lyon
27.04.2017: (F) Nice
08.05.2017: (D) Uhingen
09.05.2017: (D) Köln
10.05.2017: (D) Hamburg
11.05.2017: (D) Berlin
22.05.2017: (CZ) Brno
23.05.2017: (PL) Krakow
24.05.2017: (PL) Warszawa
25.05.2017: (PL) Wroclaw
30.05.2017: (A) Wien
31.05.2017: (A) Salzburg
01.06.2017: (D) München
07.06.2017: (CH) Lausanne
08.06.2017: (CH) Zürich

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