RTI Sonos® Driver Update


RTI Sonos® Driver Update

Sonos has announced an upcoming software release designed to increase the security of their products. A consequence of this upgrade is a change in the way their products interface with 3rd party control systems. Specifically, this software changes the way user account information is stored on the devices. Some drivers use this information to allow the browsing of music services. These non-RTI drivers will no longer work correctly once the upgrade is installed.

RTI Driver

The Sonos driver developed by RTI does not use this user-account information (see below for more information). We have been in contact with Sonos and received detailed information on what is altered by the update. We have tested pre-release versions of the software on several machines and not found any issues. We are confident that current installations of our driver will not be impacted by this update.


Are we using the 'certified' API in our driver?

No, the RTI driver was developed prior to the release of the "certified" Sonos API. Also, the RTI driver does not include any of the features that Sonos has specifically targeted for removal in the new software release.

Are we a recognized and certified partner of Sonos?

We are members of the Sonos Developer Program and have access to the new API. In order for a driver to be certified under the "Works with Sonos" program, it must go through a series of tests by Sonos.

Will there be a new driver?

Yes, we are working on a new driver using the new API and once the driver is completed it will be submitted for certification by Sonos. It will be released once that certification is received. This will ensure that we have a certified "Works with Sonos" driver.

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