Processor with RS232, IR, Relais, Input Ports
Cat. No. 28XP3
Manufacturer: RTI (more about this Manufacturer)
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Processor with 1x RS232 (2-way), 1x MPIO port (1-way), 2x Relais, 1x Voltage Sense Input Port, programmable via USB or Ethernet, Ethernet Port supports Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), Realtime Clock for timebased events. Port for ZM-24 transceiver. RM-433 antenna connectable. Input can be configured as high/low sensing ports. 1 MPIO port can be used as IR or with CM-232 as one way RS232 port. 2 IR only outputs. The relais ports can be configured as 12V trigger output ports. External power supply included
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