What you need to know

VIVATEQ will remain as a business unit within COMM-TEC. This change particularly affects your orders and requires a formal business relationship between you and COMM-TEC. Everything else, e.g. your sales and support contacts at VIVATEQ stay the same.
1. In case you are already a COMM-TEC customer, based on previous purchases from COMM-TEC, there is no need for you to take action. The only change you will see, are invoices coming from COMM-TEC and not VIVATEQ anymore.
However, we put together some important information for you below.

2. In case, you are not a COMM-TEC customer yet, we kindly ask you to register as a dealer using the link below:

Once you are registered you will obtain your COMM-TEC account number.

What you need to know:

Where do I send my orders to?
As usual to
Please address your future orders to COMM-TEC GmbH, Siemensstrasse 14 , 73066 Uhingen.

Where do I send requests to?
As before, to

How do I obtain my new customer account number?
You will receive your COMM-TEC account number after you registered as a dealer.

How do I get technical support and help with project design?
Nothing changes. Send your requests to or to your VIVATEQ contact.

How will orders and payments be processed?
Orders invoiced before September 30th, are processed by VIVATEQ.
Orders invoiced after October 1st will be processed by COMM-TEC. Please send payments COMM-TEC’s bank account that will be stated on the invoice.

Is my existing SEPA Direct Debit Mandate still valid?
Unfortunately we can’t transfer your SEPA SEPA Direct Debit Mandate to COMM-TEC. You will need to authorize COMM-TEC to collect payments from your bank account. This option is included in the dealer registration form.

How do I obtain the pricelist?
From October 1st, you will find the dealer pricelist on COMM-TEC’s dealer portal:
Login credentials to the dealer portal will be sent to you after you registered as a dealer.

Where do I order online?
VIVATEQ’s online shop will be optimized. Additionally, you can order VIVATEQ products at COMM-TEC’s online shop.

How do I receive information on new products price changes or training courses?
Legally, we are not allowed to transfer your VIVATEQ newsletter registration to COMM-TEC. Please sign up for the COMM-TEC newsletter by clicking this link

Who are my contacts?
Your VIVATEQ contacts will be the same as before

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop us an email or call us.

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