Waterfall Audio – Glass Speakers

State-Of-The-Art Acoustics, Unique Design – A New Approach For Architectural Speakers

Like no other product, glass speakers by Waterfall combine the sound of true reference-grade Hi-Fi speakers with the demands of modern interior design. To achieve this ambitious goal the French manufacturer had to develop several patented technologies that make it possible to use glass cabinets in a speaker. The result is simply stunning, visually as well as aesthetically – Waterfall speakers deliver fantastic sound while blending in seamlessly with their surroundings.

Place them in front of floor-to-ceiling windows or hide them between your potted plants and they will become almost invisible. Waterfall speakers will always complement, never dominate your living space.

Waterfall is based in beautiful southern France, and this is where all their speakers have been developed and where all their speakers are being carefully hand-crafted. When it comes to sourcing components and materials they use only the best suppliers in the world, like French specialists Atohm for the drivers or a German manufacturer of tempered glass that also works for the automobile industry.

Waterfall’s portfolio of glass speakers consists of three floorstanders of various sizes, two satellite/bookshelf speakers and a dedicated center speaker for surround setups.

In addition to that Waterfall has also developed the Pro Custom series of in-wall speakers. While not using glass cabinets, the Pro Custom series includes all of Waterfall’s acoustical know-how and has been designed for very high-end, no-compromise home cinema installations.

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