James Loudspeaker

Blend in with any indoor, outdoor and marine spaces

As a custom installer, your strength is to provide tailored solutions to your clients that meet their demands in performance, design and durability.

James Loudspeaker is probably the only manufacturer in our industry that is able to customize color, finish and even size of all almost all of its products to make them blend in with any interior design or landscape. Most products are available for 70/100V applications and for outdoor and ocean marine use. Not to mention the outstanding sound quality James speakers deliver.


  • More than 170 models that can be customized in color and finish 
  • Hidden sound solutions that blend in perfectly
  • Superb Workmanship. Made in USA since 1999
  • Sealed aluminum enclosures for premium sound quality
  • Patented Quad-Tweeter Technologies for ideal coverage
  • In-wall / in-ceiling speakers, soundbars, home cinema speakers, outdoor speakers, marine speakers
  • Made for residential, marine and commercial installations
Standard Products Fully Customizable in Color and Finish
Outdoor Solutions
Soundbars customized to the exact witdth of the TV
Hidden Subwoofer Solutions
Home Cinema Solutions
James designs and manufactures over 25 proprietary transducers –from 3/4” to 21”
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